Components Desktop Computers

computer parts components

Components Desktop Computers

Computer Parts Components Desktop Computers

The computer we use every day ever imagine the computer box which is made of plastic and metal, what is inside? What devices are attached to it? How many components or parts are combined together to make a computer? Components Desktop Computers that made a computer.

Components Desktop Computers

We can divide components in six categories:

  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • CPU
  • Motherboard or Mainboard
  • Memory
  • Power Supply Unit

Input Devices:

The devices or tools which we use to put data, command or instruction into the computer is called input devices. Input devices play vital role in command and control of computer. Two very commonly used input devices are keyboard and mouse. Future more microphone, webcam, scanner, touch-pad, touch screen, scroll ball, writing pad etc are examples of input devices.

Components Desktop Computers

Output Devices:

The devices which display or bring results out from computer are output devices. Data commands or instruction inputted by input devices appears on output devices. The Monitor or display screen is very common example of output devices. Printer, speakers, projector and headphones are output devices.

Components Desktop Computers


CPU is the abbreviation for central processing unit which is attached on motherboard. CPU carries and controls all operations of computer. Data, instructions, command and display that is inputted or outputted by devices are being controlled by CPU. It’s connected to all parts of computer. Like in human body the brain play important role that’s think and take decisions. In computers CPU is worked like brain that’s why it also called Brain of Computer.

Computer CPU

Motherboard or Main board:

Motherboard or main board also called computer system board is the main PCB board in computer. Usually it’s in green color often found in blue or red color. Almost all components of computer are connected to Motherboard. Main board have all the slots and plug in area where CPU, RAM, HDD, input devices, output devices will be attached.

 mother board Components Desktop Computers


As human to memorize and remember we need memory. Same as in computers, computers need memory to save files and data. Without memory computer can’t save any data. In computers there are two type of memory. Primary and Secondary.

Primary Memory:

It is also called temporary or internal memory. This memory save data for time being, when computer is running and we are using it the files or programs are running which are being displayed on screen, its temporary saved in Primary memory. If we shutdown computer or sudden lost power we will lost the programs or data unless if we save it to Secondary memory.

RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory) are the primary or internal memory.

RAM Ram Rom

Secondary Memory:

On the other hand we have Secondary memory or external memory. This is the computer memory where we save our data, files or programs.

HDD (hard disk drive), FDD (floppy disk drive) or External Disk Drive including flash memories is example of secondary memory.

external hard drive

Power Supply Unit:

Computer systems need a power source to run. Electricity is required to run various components of computer. Without power supply there is no computer. The computer power supply convert AC current to DC and provide electricity to components.


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