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A security program is used to protect from Virus, Trojans, Spyware, Worm or Malware is called Antivirus software. Antivirus software or Virus removal software, also known as malware removal software, is widely used in many devices such as Desktops, Laptops and Mobile devices etc. Antivirus is PC programs used to detect, identify and removal virus or infected files from computer. Once any device such as computer or smart phone got infected with Virus or malware, there is high risk that you might lose your private information. Virus attack can steal or delete your private files, as long as capture the keystroke (the keys you typed while using keypad or keyboard). Even your computer can be used to attack other computers. Sometime attached flash memory or external hard drive also get infected.

antivirus software

Protect Computer with Antivirus Software

A good Antivirus program is highly recommended. In fact Windows based operating system recommend virus protection program, to be safe from security threats and virus. You often get small red shield icon in notification area, Windows security alert. It’s often popup when your computer is without any antivirus or other security reasons.

Windows Security Alert Popup

Windows Security Alert

What Antivirus Do and How Protect Computer

Antivirus scans your device, computer or phone and detects the suspicious program or files. If the behavior of the program installed on your system is acting suspiciously, an antivirus will detect it and popup alert message. At this point user have control to allow the suspicious program or block it. On the other hand antivirus also scan any new plugged in media such as external hard drive or flash memory, if its detect any known virus or program the alert message will popup. User has to block or delete the suspicious files or program’s activity. Only if you are pretty much sure about the threat you might allow it to run.

antivirus alert

antivirus software

Will Antivirus Protect You Always

Defense against Today’s cyber attackers is very much hard. You and antivirus not always can protect your system. And an antivirus only detects the virus or malware that is known to its database file directory.  Virus or malware can bypass antivirus security if your antivirus is not up to date. Even antivirus is up to date but it is not known to antivirus vendor it will bypass the antivirus protection. Because the cyber attackers create and program new virus & malware so fast that is not even known to antivirus vendors.

Tips for Protection

Use good and well known antivirus program. If you downloading from internet make sure you are getting it from reliable source. There are lots of fake antiviruses programs over the internet, which are actually malwares.


  • Get the Full version of an antivirus. Free or trial antivirus will not give you full protection.
  • Keep the antivirus up to date. Never ignore important update of an antivirus database.
  • Make sure your antivirus running all the time and set it to on auto scanning. Don’t disable or uninstall.
  • Use one antivirus at a time. Multiple antiviruses will slow up the speed of your computer.
  • Carefully check and read the alert messages & warnings popup by an antivirus, and do necessary action.

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