Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup

Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup

Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup

Slow Computer? Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup

Is Your Computer Working Slow or When you Turn on your Computer or laptop windows loads many programs. Make computer fast by Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup. Some of these programs are good to run computer properly. However some are really unnecessary and just cause you system to run slow.

Because those programs take some part of your RAM, if the amount of RAM in your computer is low then your computer will work really slow or will take time to fully bootup.

We can unselect some of these unnecessary programs.

Instructions are given below:


1.Click on Start Button and Type msconfig in search box, then click on msconfig to run config.

Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup


2. Click Continue to run System Configuration.

3. In System Configuration Windows click on Startup Tab.

Remove Unnecessary Programs Startup


4. In this tab we can see list of programs that will run when we turn on the computer. Here we can see like Nero , utorrent, etc. We can uncheck some of these for example “ApnUpdater” , “ConnectionC” , if we close look at details of these two programs, the Manufacture of these programs are “Unknown”. So these programs are really unnecessary.

5. Click on the box before the program name to uncheck.

6. You may uncheck as many programs you may consider are not necessary. After click “Apply” and then click “OK”.

7. Rebote the computer, Now those programs which we unchecked will not run anymore.

If you got lot of programs in StartUp and after doing these step, you will feel difference in speed.

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